Air Purifier AC-260


Protect your loved ones from the indoor pollution which lingers in your house curbing issues related to asthma and breathing to name a few. Air Concept Air Purifiers are killing contaminants present in the air due to pollutions and believe it or not, the air inside your house will be 99.9% free from pollution.

It’s time to inhale purity and breathe fresh air at your house giving your loved ones a touch of care.

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Prepping for your jogging? Don’t forget to pair it up with Air Concept Mobile Air Purifier to avoid sick days ensuring a nourishing and healthy living. Air Pollution Face masks cum air purifiers are a necessity and are as essential as food, water, and air.

Breathe purity on-the-go.

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Mobile Air Purifier for Women
Air Purifier AC-800


You can never achieve the highest standards of employee productivity till the time the air around you is polluted and your co-workers feel fatigued. Make sure you ask your office if they have installed the Air Concept Air Purifier which filters 99.9% of the pollutants from the air and gives you only clean, fresh and healthy air to breathe.

Get rid of impurities and purify office health & environment boosting your employees’ motivation.

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Driving a car doesn’t give you immunity from pollution. The air you breathe while driving a car is as polluted as the air outside. Install Air Concept Car purifier and get immunity from pollution by filtering 99.9% of pollutants from the air curbing the undetectable pollution in your car and protect yourself even while you’re on the move.
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Car Air Purifier ACC - 7

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