Indoor air pollution: Health impacts on children!


Air pollution is a rising issue in the hierarchy of dangers towards the human race and environment. Air quality index of different states of India depicts the poor air quality which is proven to be death threat to the entire human race. Human body is a system of shields with its own barriers to outside dangers and hazards which in the science terms is named Immune system. The immune system in adults, children and old-aged works differently; so as to at each stage a new development is needed according to the environment and needs of the body. The immune system of an adult is stronger than of an old-aged and the weakest of all immune systems is of a child! Childhood is a stage where the human body and mind is developing and therefore needs to be taken care of more than usual.

The recent studies and reports depict the direct relevance of poor development of mind, lungs and immune system with poor air quality index. The respiratory and cardiovascular systems of a child are at an immature state where it requires safeguarding to prepare for future dangers. But present situations tend to play a hindrance in the development of a child’s immune system, brain and lungs. Indoors i.e., home and school the places which we tend to consider safe places for our children are the most unsafe of all! The need for air purifiers in the confined spaces is more than we consider it to be! Air purifiers in the closely defined areas where our children spend their time growing are what we need for the betterment and control over the ambient air pollution.

Indoor air pollution: impacts on cardiovascular system of children

Heart and the blood carrying veins and arteries are collectively known as the cardiovascular system. The blood pumping system of a child’s body is weaker and confined and needs time and proper care for the better growth, but the adverse air pollution conditions happen to be the root cause for hindrance in this growth and development. The poor air quality index causes pressure on heart and blood pumping veins and therefore is the main cause of deaths and illness due to poor development and workings of cardiovascular system. Home and school the two places where our children spends 90% of their time are the most toxic for them. The indoor air quality is supposedly 5 times more impure than the outside! The solid fuels, tobacco smokes and dust are the major sources for the ambient air pollutants to build a path straight to our children’s immune system and rupture it!

Indoor air pollution: impacts on respiratory system of children

Respiratory system of a human body includes: nose, lungs, bronchi, trachea and pharynx. The respiratory organs of a human child are weak and hold more importance as to it is a stage of development and causes long term impacts on the future life. The house dust and house smoke causes irritation and allergies in the respiratory system and plays a hindrance in the proper development for the child. The immature growth of the respiratory system causes long term breathing problems such as asthma in toddlers. The ambient indoor air pollution is one of the root causes of the increase of premature deaths of infants and children due to improper and insufficient growth of the vital organs.

Indoor air pollution: impacts on overall development of children

Ambient indoor air pollution causes hindrance in the development of overall body structure of a child. The overall development of mind and growth of muscles are to be effected by the poor air quality so as to the increase reoccurring diseases, lower level of brain function, lower level of lungs function and the higher risks of asthma and other deadly diseases are some of the major problem faced by the children being surrounded with air pollution. The improper growth and diseases like asthma causes absenteeism in school, lack of growth and increased death threats are the hindrances caused by indoor air pollution in our homes and schools. The problems tend to be serious with restricted solutions so as to medicines and household tactics to fight air pollution are temporary. The need to find a permanent solution for the problems of our children is what air purifiers are! Air purifiers tend to be the saviours that we must incorporate in our daily lives to safeguard our children from the harm that air has become!

Air purifiers: air concept air purifiers

Air purifiers are the need of the hour, is what everybody knows and understand. But the problem arisen is which air purifier is the best? The need to give our loved ones the best is what air concept admires to do! The air concept air purifiers designed with 7 layers of purification system with HEPA filtration incorporated are the best purifiers so as to safe guard our loved ones especially our children from the ambient air pollution. Air concept air purifiers are designed in a manner which fits all the needs, it takes cares of purification of air in the cars, gyms, offices, houses and schools. Air concept tends to be determined in producing best quality and affordable air purifiers to keep your loved ones safe and secure!


Children are the future of our world! Air pollution is a common enemy, the border boundaries is what air pollution is not entitled to so as to no country is safe!! And therefore the need to safeguard our future generations we need to incorporate habits that may help us in the lowering of air pollution and make the earth again what it used to be! The need of air purifiers used to be a luxury but has now become the necessity and therefore the sheer attention is required on the poor air quality index! In order to build a safe and secure life for the future generations the present has to change!