Let’s make Gujarat a healthier host!

Gujarat is a hub, with different communities residing peacefully within one state, and therefore it’s more of a host than merely a place on maps of India. Being a host is both a privilege and a responsibility because it has to provide with a hospitable surrounding for people to enjoy living here, but with an increased level of pollution, the state is neither healthy and nor safe. The rich cultural heritage sites of the state which are amongst the major tourist attraction spots in the country make Gujarat one of the most visited places in the country, and therefore it becomes an even bigger responsibility of the state to be a safe and healthy host.

Air pollution: an alarming threat

In order to make Gujarat a hospitable host, it needs to provide the people a pollution free environment, but with the most important cities like Ahmedabad and Surat being listed amongst the most polluted cities in the country, where Ahmedabad being considered more polluted than Delhi itself is an alarming threat to both the health issues of the residents and the tourist which are our responsibility. According to the state board of pollution control, they have started working on the issue but, merely focusing on the issue won’t help, us as the residents have to take some responsibilities as well. The state could work on the air pollution outside but what about the contaminated air in our houses, offices, hotel rooms, etc. These contaminations are our responsibilities.

Air purifiers: the need of the hour

Clear air in our homes is our priority and air purifier is the answer. With the outside world getting hazardous, our houses and places of work are not a safe place anymore, but are much more dangerous. Especially in a state like Gujarat, with number of different industries residing, like manufacturing units for various biomedical companies, and the hazardous waste management system of the state makes it much more difficult to control air contamination.  Therefore, all we need is an air purifier in our enclosed architectures to prevent further damage to the air we breathe in and also improving the air quality for our future generations.

Air concept: the knight in shining armour

The need of the hour is an air purifier with all the necessities, best quality technologies and pocket-friendly prices, and therefore FILTER CONCEPT PVT.LTD has come up with AIR CONCEPT air purifiers, with the latest technology at affordable prices for all. They have made purifiers with keeping in mind different needs of the people, and therefore they have one for everyone.  Air concept purifiers not only cleanse your air a 100% but also, eliminates PMO.3 which causes numerous dangers to our respiratory system. The basic Air concept filters use 7 layers of air cleansing techniques, but the higher ranges have up to 9 layers of purifying, These are Pre-filter, Cold Catalyst, Activated Carbon Filter, Antibacterial Filter, HEPA filter, Ultraviolet, Anion Release, Molecular Sieve Adsorption Layer and Zeolite. 

Advantages of Air concept Air Purifier

  • Elimination of foul odour within minutes.
  • More effective than vacuum cleansing
  • Eliminates the risks of air contamination from pets
  • Eliminates the foul dust particles that may have entered while using heaters or air conditioners in the room.

One for everyone: Air concept filters for different needs

Air Purifier for Household

A typical home contains pollutants such as VOCs in a bedroom and living area and also various bacteria if yours is a pet-friendly family, the kitchen contains smoke from cooking various types of oil, household cleaning products contains alcohol, chlorine, ammonia and many more which harms family’s health in long run. AC – 220 to AC – 450 air purifiers by Air concept serves these basic needs and are best for a family, also a size of each bedroom and living room should be kept in consideration while choosing an air purifier.

Air Purifier for Commercial

Commercial spaces such as office area, college campus, restaurants and hospitals are most crowded. Health issues of every individual are difficult to keep in mind. These types of places mostly contain CO2, VOCs, dust and viral infections and many other pollutants invisible to naked eye. Air concept’s AC – 800 and AC – 1000 air purifiers are specially designed for a commercial place and to provide better health with a great environment.

Air Purifier for Car

One of the most polluted places you go every day is your own car. The smoke and pollution from outside traffic adversely affect a person’s health, moreover the car’s engine and perfume used in car trigger minor health problems. Air concept’s ACC – 7 is a portable air purifier which is not bigger than a handy diary and therefore is very user-friendly.

In a state like Gujarat where it is always festive, don’t let the pollution be a hindrance, with the help of AIR CONCEPT let’s make Gujarat a healthier host.