Rise of Smog in Delhi

Every winter the capital city of India, Delhi gets covered in a fatal haze. It is called smog, which is the combination of smoke and fog. Smog occurs in the regions that are far away from the actual sources of pollutions such as industries and factories. Smog is the main reason for the exponential increase in air pollution in Delhi.

Causes of smog – There are various factors that affect the quality of air.

The factors include:-

  • Geography of the place
  • Sunlight
  • Calmness of winds
  • Post-harvest crop burning
  • The firing of brick kilns
  • Pollution emitted by a vehicle
  • Other industrial activities

Wind is a major factor in Delhi that causes smog. There are two winds in Delhi. One that carries pollutants of stubble burning in Punjab and the other is the one that brings moisture from Uttar Pradesh. The hazardous particles from these areas are drifted away by the wind. These two winds collide in Delhi and the calmness of wind in Delhi causes smog. Air pollutants that are part of smog – According to WHO, the major components of smog in Delhi are pollutants like sulfates, nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride, black carbon, mineral dust, and water. Fine particulate matters contain these pollutants which cause smog. The particulate matters are of two categories – PM 2.5 & PM 10. The number 2.5 and 10 indicate the diameter of the particles in micron. PM 2.5 and ground-level play the most significant role in smog. As a result of it, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of the city has shot up to 451. The maximum level, which is the most hazardous, is 500. Anything above 300 is considered unhealthy. The range between 301 and 500 triggers health issues and causes fatal diseases. Doctors claim that inhaling smog equals to smoking as much as 50 cigarettes a day.

Harmful effects of smog Continuous exposure to smog can be very harmful to health. Smog can aggravate health conditions in the following ways:-

  • Chest infections and lung irritations – Inhaling ground-level ozone can affect the respiratory system in an adverse way. This leads to coughing and irritation. The longer exposure to smog can lead to lung irritation.
  • Eye irritation and cold – Smog reduces a person’s immunity towards cold. It also causes irritation to eyes.
  • Longevity – A research by Rice University shows that the ingredients of smog like PM 2.5 & PM 10 can cause premature mortality.
  • Aggravate asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema – Patients with respiratory diseases like asthma face exuded adversities during smog. Smog can aggravate such health issues. The frequency of asthma attacks increases during these days.
  • Harmful effects on crops – Apart from affecting human lives, smog is detrimental to crops.

People that are hugely affected by smog – Delhi has a population of over 18 Million. The effect of pollution caused by smog is gradual and depends on the age of a person.

Although, everyone affected by smog in a way or the other, but the most vulnerable portion of the population are the following –

  • Newborn – They are at a very high risk of contracting breathing related ailments. The experts say that infants are beginning their lives as virtual or passive smokers.
  • Children – They are prone to suffer from health-related issues due to smog. A cough, cold and chest irritation are common issues among them.
  • People with respiratory disorders – Those who are already suffering from a disease like asthma, are at highest risk. Continuous exposure to smog can aggravate their situation.
  • People who have outdoor jobs – As compared to people who work in an office, those who have jobs that demand travelling or outdoor activities are more susceptible to harmful effects of smog. It is a paradox that even early morning activities like cycling or jogging are proving to be detrimental to health because of smog.

How to prevent the effects of smog – Protection from air pollution caused by smog in Delhi is very necessary. Let alone the people who are outside, the ones that are working in offices or staying at home are adversely affected. The indoor air pollution can be harmful too. The combination of smog and volatile organic compounds emitted from kitchen chores is lethal. It is recommended to install exhaust systems in offices and houses. However, at times these systems are inadequate too. It is imperative for people to know the importance of air purifiers and install them in their respective homes and offices. Moreover, people going outdoors should wear masks. The situation of smog in Delhi is a subject of concern. The situation is only going to worsen in the years to come. It is not possible to completely eradicate smog but people can take protective measures to ameliorate the effects of the same. In such a scenario, Air Concept is bringing word class air purification technology to ensure that you and your family are able to breathe fresh and clean air. With its range of products, it offers the best solutions for air purification be it through air purifiers, anti-pollutant masks, air quality monitors or filters. Please feel free to get in touch with us for the right guidance for air purifiers.