AC – 250 – Plus


Ozone-free, compact, portable advanced indoor air purification device with noise <61 dB (A) and 97% result.

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This advanced model is installed with negative ionizer With a CADR of 250 m3 / h. it removes all the pollutants like dust, allergens and foul smell and eliminates the chances of diseases caused by bacteria and virus. The process takes as less as 15 minutes to purify the room’s air. This air purifier helps in enhancing the cardiovascular system of the body by increasing brain oxygen. Also, it makes sure that there is no irritation caused by pet hair and cooking & paint fumes.

The purification technology used has seven stages of purification. The air gets purified by seven filters namely. 1.Primary Filter -1, 2.High-Efficiency HEPA Filter, 3.Activated Carbon Filter, 4.Zeolite, 5.Photo Catalyst Filter, 6.Ultraviolet Sterilize Light and 7.Anion Release

The purifier is of the size of a printer and is easily portable.

The negative ions released by the filter are the ones that are found near waterfalls, forest, and mountains. They keep you and your family fresh and vitalized.

The purifier comes with an easy to operate remote control and can be operated manually too. The LED display ensures that the purifier and its functioning can be easily monitored.


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