Ambient Air Pollution: An Emerging Future Hazard

Air is our ultimate life support system and no one can survive its absence. Unfortunately, the rise in pollutants is affecting this purest resource. As the Air Pollution level has augmented in the recent past, there is a significant increase in the number of health diseases especially in the vulnerable generations i.e. the newborns and the older generation. It is because their lungs are quite weak and get prone to such diseases faster than the adult population. According to recent research, Air pollutants cause more severe issues in the younger generation which includes children from age group 1 to 5 years.

In this blog, we shall throw some light on Ambient air pollution and how there is a need for clean and safer air to promote the respiratory health of the people.

WHO Research on Ambient Air Pollution

World Health Organization has conducted many surveys and studies to understand the culprit behind respiratory problems among children. Given below is a detailed analysis of their findings and conclusions that highlighted some eye-opening facts about Ambient Air Pollution.

Major Observations:

  • Young infants and newborn babies suffer from more respiratory disorders as the inside air is 5 times more fatal than outside pollution.
  • Adults stay outdoors as well due to which the chances of any respiratory disorder in them due to indoor polluted air is comparatively lesser.

Inferred Results:

  • Ambient air pollution is the root cause of the rise in the number of lung issues as the infants have weak lungs and their breathing rate is faster than adults.
  • Children tend to take in more air due to their faster inhaling and exhaling process that automatically increases the risk of diseases manifolds.

In another study, a shocking detail also came into light which deteriorates the current situation more intense. It states that ‘India has its 7 cities included in the list of top 10 most air-polluted cities in the world.’ Hence the situation is really alarming.

Use Air Purifiers: Safe, Reliable and Health-Promoting Invention

With such mind-boggling figures, it becomes extremely important to take stringent steps to eliminate this aggravated situation and step towards a safer, cleaner and healthier indoor environment for your family. This brings Air purifiers into the picture which is considered the potent fighters of Indoor Air Pollutants and aid in putting an end to this problem from its very roots.

To safeguard our future generations from this harmful menace, relying on Air concept air purifiers is the aptest solution. The three chief components on which Air Concept air purifiers work are listed below:

1)      High-Quality: With an emphasis to bring a reduction in the number of air pollutants indoors, the air concept Air Purifiers have been manufactured keeping in consideration superior quality and extensive capacity to purify the air using their advanced technology to make our environment more ambient to breathe.

2)      Smart and Unique Design: The designs of air purifiers vary as per the place you will be putting them on use. For e.g. the mobile mask air purifier has an innovative and smart design that caters to the needs of all the people according to their distinguished requirements.

3)      Multipurpose: Nowadays, the attention is given to creating all-in-one or multipurpose air purifiers which can be used in households, cars, schools, gyms as well as hospitals for keeping their inside environment pollutant-less.

Such an intensive set of features make these air purifiers the best solution to curb the problem. Air Concept Air Purifiers are the ones that have all the required capabilities to cure this emerging hazard in the perfect way. So, spread the following motto worldwide to bring change to this problem that has become a burning question of today:

“Installing an air purifier today will lead to a happy, cleaner and healthier tomorrow!”