Ambient air pollution in Gujarat: a death threat to its citizens!

Air pollution is a growing concern for the authorities of India so as to the deteriorating air quality index of the major states is causing deaths and illness amongst the citizens more than anywhere in the world! The top 15 cities of the country are rated to be the most polluted in the world and therefore the additional threats of premature deaths and dangerous diseases spreading all over the country is a major concern for the authorities. The state of Gujarat a hub for industrial clusters as well as the commercial and residential areas has shown increased vicious levels of air pollution. The poor air quality index of the residential areas such as Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot are life threatening. The air quality index of industrial clusters like Ankleshwer, Vapi and Vatva are highly toxic. The PM levels of these cities are way higher than the national standards and therefore the poor air quality has attracted more of the authority’s concern for the matter! The building of a healthy and safe environment includes incorporation of air purifiers in every house, office and other commercial/public spaces. The closely confined areas are where our loved ones spend most of their time and that’s where the killers are hiding too!

Ambient air pollution in residential areas!

Air pollution in the cities of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot has increased with a rapid percentage in the last few years and has grown more concerns for the authorities to think on! The ambient air pollution in the residential areas is more of a cause by personal day-to-day activities of the citizens. The daily cleansing products of the houses, vehicle smoke, tobacco smoke, solid fumes from gases and stoves included for cooking are some of the examples for the way the household activities are playing a vital role in the increase of air pollution in the residential areas. Also the gyms, offices and schools are to be considered a part of these closely confined areas where the growth of dust particles and smoke particles give rise to birth of air pollutants. The dust particles and germs grown in hospitals from the cleansing products and sprays are growing to become a hindrance in the well being of the patients and their loved ones which is causing premature deaths and serious diseases like cancer and asthma. The rise of cardiovascular diseases and weakening of the heart is also a cause hindered by the tiny air pollutants which are invisible to the naked eye!

Air pollution in industrial clusters!

Air pollution in the industrial hubs of the state namely, Vapi, Vatva and Ankleshwer is rising with a rapid percentage which is not only dangerous for the citizens living in the cities itself but also to the nearby villages and towns. The collective health reports of the citizens of the industrial clusters and the nearby towns show a rapid growth in deaths and serious diseases like cancer and heart diseases due to air pollution. The reports of recent years depicts a decrease in the levels of air pollution but the numbers are still way higher than the national standards and therefore a need to focus on the indoor air pollution arises. The air pollution in the houses in villages and towns is a major cause for the increase of air pollutants in the air of these industrial clusters as the use of gas stoves, kerosene burners and gas heaters are some of the major causes of increased level of air pollution the areas.

Need for air purifiers to fight the ambient air pollution in Gujarat!

The need of air purifiers in the residential and industrial areas/cities of Gujarat is raised to an extent where the future depends on it! The ambient air pollution in the hub of Gujarat needs to be fought from within and that is taking care of the air pollutants in the indoors! The safeguarding walls of the confined areas are no longer the safe. The hospitals, schools, gyms and offices are some of the commercial spaces where the need of air purifiers is equivalent as the need in the houses itself! The higher authorities need to focus on decreasing the air pollution levels in the overall state and should not focus on only the residential areas. The lives of citizens of Gujarat is on stake and to take care of them the need for an efficient and effective air purifying system is needed, which is both best in quality and affordable by the masses.

Air concept air purifiers: a concept of saving lives!

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