Ambient air pollution: Winters accelerate the death threat!


The months of cold nights, hot chocolate and camp-fires have officially begun and all of can’t be more excited about it! The month of December is considered to be the party month of the year with numerous holidays and the biggest festivals this month is considered to be the most joyful of all. BUT is this really the only scenario? Is December joyful of all or is it the most deadly? These questions might startle you, it may be a shock to you but the studies showcase the most toxic air pollution to be caused in the season of winter, with the joy comes to the silent killers as a disguise! Winter season causes temperature inversion which is the root cause for the increase of toxicity in the air. Temperature inversion causes the pollutants do not rise above and stick around on the ground level for a longer period of time which results in the reduced level of air quality index. Asian cities are the worst winter polluters of all! The problem wrapped into the beautiful winter weather is toxic we need to fight from within and the one ravager to destroy this evil is air purifiers!

Why winters are more dreadful?

Winter season is studied to be the home to smoke, smog and temperature inversion the root causes of air pollution to rise. The house smoke levels in the winter are increased by a hazardous percentage of 85% and as a result, the indoor air pollution reaches an unhealthy level. The increased numbers of bonfires and the use of gas stoves causes a major misbalance in the air quality index, which is further disturbed by the harmful industrial pollutants and vehicle exhausts. The cold air traps pollutants to the ground and unable to rise they stick around and cause increased levels of health-related problems like increased cases of congestive problems and asthma cases. The temperature inversion causes the 6 most dangerous air pollutants which are: Ozone, Particulate Matter (PM), carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, Sulphur dioxide and lead to not evaporate and therefore it contributes into making the ground level air more hostile for the living beings!

Temperature inversion and its effects on air pollution

Temperature inversion refers to the air layer pattern reversed when described in the scientific terms. In a common perspective temperature inversion refers to the forming of a thick cold air layer on the ground level which is heavier than the hot air and is the root cause for the air pollutants being trapped and as the end result causes harmful health hazards to the living beings especially to the respiratory and cardiovascular system of the human body system. The increase of house smoke due to increased use of fireplaces, wood stoves, and more idling cars leads to more carbon dioxide being pumped out and due to the temperature inversion these harmful pollutants stick to the ground for long hours which give them enough time to harm our loved ones! There are three types of temperature inversion

  1. Surface inversion: which occurs during the cold nights. It is where the earth’s surface loses temperature very fast and therefore the process of air pollution is accelerated.
  2. Subsidence inversion: it is often seen near subtropical oceans and the Nordic continents because they are located in high-pressure centers. It could be defined as the large air mass moving downward.
  3. Frontal inversion: it happens on the borders of hot and cold fronts.

The basis for strong fightback strategy: Air concept air purifiers!

The winter causes a concentration of toxins in the air we breathe, and therefore the humans tend to be trapped in a “large dome” surrounded by air pollutants on all sides, and the only weapon is our air purifiers that are installed in our homes, offices, gyms, and cars! These air purifiers are needed to be the best in quality, design and technology advancement and therefore the choice becomes limited with few being up to the mark! Air concept air purifiers a concept by Filter concept designs and manufactures a varied line air purifier different for every need which focuses on for what it is designed; killing air pollutants and providing with healthy air to breathe in! Air concept air purifiers are designed with HEPA filter installed along with 7 layers of air filtration process to provide with not only a healthy but also a pleasant environment for the people you care for! Hotels and corporates are the places for work-ship and the job to provide with a health surrounding is the job of the boss! Be responsible, be wise and be caring for the people you care for! Bring in air concept air purifiers into your lives today and see how the life you dreamt becomes easy to build!