Air; a necessity for human beings to exist, a ray of life and ray of healthy future, is it? Air is a natural resource which was a boon for the human race provided in a huge quantity with a level of quality that we are destroying! Air pollution is becoming a rising issue in recent years which has taken more lives than any natural or human-made disaster altogether! A disheartening number of 2.4 million deaths are registered due to direct effects of air pollution every year. But the question arises why? Why a natural resource which used to be a ray of life suddenly has become life threatening? The answer is the human race itself! We humans have deteriorated the air quality to a level where it has become dangerous and is causing diseases which could kill the humans in the most brutal manner possible.

Air pollution causes dangerous and life threatening diseases which could hamper the present as well as the future generations too! The two main body systems present in human body on which the entire system functions are the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system; which are directly attacked by the tiny death angels called AIR POLLUTANTS! The major respiratory diseases caused by air pollution include asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema in adults and in children! The generations present and the generations that yet to come is in danger because once a saviour is now a death threat!

The little death angels; air pollutants are the hidden killers which are so tiny in size that we can hardly feel their presence but the effects they cause on our body are seen, felt and are too dangerous to be experienced! The major 6 air pollutants present on the earth’s surface include: Ground-level Ozone, Particulate Matter (PM) and Wildfire Smoke, Carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen oxide and lead.

A need for air purifiers is made to be the priority focus for the citizens to make their houses, offices, hospitals, hotels and restaurants and other corporate and public spaces. The need to secure the indoors is a rising aspect of security from ambient air pollution and its health hazards in the country. The need for the closely defined areas which we call “safe places” needs to be safeguards of our present and coming generations from the “little angels of death” AIR POLLUTANTS!

Age prone health effects

1. Health effects caused by air pollution in children

  • Children are the future, irrelevant of which country they are from, they are the future of the human race. But will they continue to live longer as to make any sort of future? Children especially infants and toddlers have immature body organs which are nothing more than a playground for the air pollutants to destroy the body from within very easily. Children’s body is developing and therefore needs more nutrition and less of harm, but what happening is the exact opposite!
  • Children in urban society tends to be more targeted by these air pollutants due to a much more deteriorated level of air quality the defence mechanism of children is weakened, and the “future generation” is an open target. The lung function in children is more weakened and targeted by air pollutants which cause asthma and bronchitis.

2. Health effects of air pollution in adults

  • Adults though have a strong and mature body structure when displayed to a huge amount of impure air, deteriorated air quality the immunity systems tend to be weakened and thus causing diseases that are both life threatening and brutal. The major diseases caused in adults due to air pollution are asthma, emphysema, decreased muscle coordination and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Pregnant women tend to be more targeted by air pollutants causing severe pregnancy related problems, such as premature births, shortness of breath, chest tightness and fatigue to name a few.
  • Adults above the age of 60 are weaker in body system defences and therefore are facing the most danger. The old-aged citizens tend to face more health problems caused due to air pollution than any other person! Disorientation decreased visual activity and decreases muscular coordination could be the starting level of health issues caused due to air pollution in old-aged citizens.

Pollutants prone health effects

There are majorly 6 pollutants proven to be hazardous to human health in many ways present in air, which are facilitating the deterioration of air quality levels in urban civilizations. Different pollutants tend to have different effects with reference to their form and qualities. The major 3 air pollutants that we are going to discuss are: Ground-level Ozone, Particulate Matter (PM) and Wildfire Smoke and Nitrogen oxide

1. Ground level ozone

  • Ozone layer is a popular term known for its guarding us from UV rays heroic story but as everything is useful to us, the same manner all ozone layers are not good for us! The ground level ozone is formed from volatile organic compounds and oxides of nitrogen reacting with sun’s UV rays. The major sources for the existences of ground level ozone are mobile (moving) sources such as cars, trucks, buses, construction equipments and agricultural equipments.
  • Ground level ozone is the source of major respiratory hindrances in the human body caused due to lack of oxygen. It hampers the working of the respiratory system to function properly and causes major harms to the body in lack of oxygen.
  • It causes lung damage, reduced immunity levels, increased fatigue, chest pains, throat irritation and congestion to name a few.

2. Particulate matter (PM)

  • Particulate matter is known to be a mixture of soot, smoke, metals, nitrates, sulphates, dust, and water and tire rubber. It arises from smoke of fires or the atmosphere reactions of gases from nitrogen oxides.
  • Particulate matter 2.5 is the tiniest of all the particulate matters and the most dangerous too. The fine particle poses a great threat as to it can enter the human body easily and can cause problems in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems directly.
  • Exposure to ambient PM 2.5 may lead to lower life expectancy rates. Particulate matter is known for causing premature deaths in the heart and lung disease patients, heart attacks and strokes, irregular heartbeat and difficulty in breathing.

3. Nitrogen oxide

  • Nitrogen oxides are known as traffic-related air pollutants, because they are mainly emitted through motor engines. These ambient air pollutants increase the risk of respiratory infections and diseases.
  • The high levels of nitrogen oxides if displayed to for a long-term cause pulmonary edema, toxicological problems. Coughing and wheezing are the most common irritation complications caused by nitrogen oxides.
  • It is also responsible for causing nose or throat infections, headache, dyspnoea, chest pain, diaphoresis, fever and bronchospasm.

Solution to the health hazards: air purifiers!

The health hazards caused by ambient air pollution are dangerous and life threatening and therefore the need to lessen their effects is a necessity. Air purifiers were considered a luxury in the past but the health hazards prevailing in the society are to be fought with and the help that we need is air purifiers! The technology advancement is a boon of the human mind and it’s time to utilise the boon once invented by the human mind to save the entire human race from extinction. Health hazards caused by air pollution tend to prevail more in our houses and offices, i.e. the indoors! According to the recent studies it is to be known that air pollution indoors is more toxic in nature compared to the outside air quality.

Air pollution prevailing outside is welcomed into the closed doors and the lack of ventilation causes these pollutants to stay within the confined spaces rather than leaving. The offices and homes that we think are the spaces for our growth are nothing but the playgrounds for air pollutants which facilitate them with our bodies as hotels to rest in and destroy! The need of purification of air is to be made a priority, and with air purifiers we could make the air we breathe in cleaner and safer in the closed defined areas, i.e. houses, offices, schools and colleges, gyms and the vehicles!

Air concept: a permanent solution!

Air quality is decreasing day-by-day and to not hinder our future generation’s lives we need to take care of it now, and air purifiers will help us in that. Air concept Air purifiers by filter concept is an answer to all of your worries. These are finely designed air filters keeping in mind all the variants a buyer has in consideration, which are: prices, technology, certifications! Air concept Air purifiers have distinguished air filters for all your needs. Air concept has wide ranges of air purifiers for all, with 7 different layers of fertilization, and in the higher ranges the layers are increased to 9 for better results in covering a bigger area.

Air concept Air purifiers not only helps you breathe in a safer and cleaner air but a healthier one as well. Families with pets are to be expected to face more challenges with poor air quality as to the saliva and pet hair makes the air more polluted. Also in seasons like monsoons and winters when we mostly keep our windows and doors closed the risk of air damage increases and air filters especially air concept Air purifiers are designed to cover bad odour, dust and unseen air pollutants within seconds.