Ambient air pollution: Hearts at risk!

Ambient air pollution: Hearts at risk!

Ambient air pollution is known to be poise harm to our human bodily functions and its overall health. With an increase in the amount of air pollution, we daily encounter the risks that are more fatal than before. According to studies and recent research amount of heart patients, acute cases of life-threatening heart diseases has increased in recent times with the increase of air pollutants and degraded air quality levels. The cardiovascular functions require regular intake of clean and safe air which no longer is a luxury we enjoy on our planet! The cardiovascular functions of pumping blood, traveling of blood smoothly to all the body part is one of the most crucial needs of the body to function effectively. And with increased air pollution outdoor and indoor these functions are adversely affected.

Air pollution: The war for a healthy life

Ambient air pollution and its adverse effects on the heart and its functionality cause to become one of the most crucial wars of life for humanity. The recent deaths and increase in a number of people affected by heart diseases cause an issue of great significance for both the citizens and the government which initialized the concept of air quality monitors to examine and keep a regular eye on how and what the air quality levels are. The increased risks of heart failures and heart strokes prove to be a risk to life in general for the whole world and not just one part of a country or a continent.  Cardiovascular diseases have summed to be life-threatening and the researched causes are to be listed as PM2.5, PM10 and NO2 combined. The cardiovascular functionality hindrances like the heart attacks and heart strokes are researched to be the most brutal and the most common diseases humanity is falling prey to. The reasons, effects and preventive measures are described and discussed below:

–     Ambient air pollution and heart diseases

Ambient air pollution causes an exceptional number of heart risks and hindrances in normal bodily functions of humans. The Particulate Matter (PM) exposure proves to be one of the reasons to cause heart diseases like: heart attack, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer, heart failure, heart valve disease, atrial fibrillation, and angina. These diseases are known to be brutal and life-threatening that is caused by air pollutants present in the air we breathe and travel through dust particles. Ambient air pollution indoors is known to be 5 times more dangerous than the outside air and these causes worry for us to remain indoors or not? The issues with indoor air pollution can easily be fought with the presence of air purifiers with HEPA filters installed within to regulate the fresh flow of safe and clean air to breathe for the sake of the safety of a family.

–     Particulate matter: cause of heart risks

Particulate matter (PM) is known to be the most brutal of air pollutants. If the human body is exposed to it for a long time, it can cause life-threatening diseases. In recent years, deaths due to cardiovascular diseases have outreached the number that of by the respiratory diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are caused by an acute amount of PM2.5 and PM10 presence in the air we breathe in. PM 2.5 is studied to be with more adverse effects than PM10, cardiac arrests, heart failure, arrhythmias, and other heart diseases are the more known diseases to be caused by particulate matter present in the air we breathe in. Myocardial infarction popularly known as a heart attack is when blood flow decreases or stops to a part of the heart which causes harm to the heart muscle, is caused by PM2.5 and NO2 combined. Air pollution may be known as a threat to the respiratory functionality of the human body but is equally dangerous for the cardiovascular functionality of the human body. Ischemic heart disease and congestive heart failures are known to be the other two common cardiovascular diseases to hit the majority of the population living under the poor quality of air.

–     Tree of life: prevention is better than cure!

Prevention is known to be a smart choice when it comes to a choice between cure and prevention. Planting trees, conservation of the environment and reducing human-caused air pollution traits is what we can do as a fightback. Human-caused reasons of increase in air pollutants can be reduced by using less of vehicles, reduced house smokes and house dust, reduced factory gaseous emissions and use of natural products for cleaning the house and utensils to avoid mishaps. Prevention has another facet and that is installations of air purifiers indoors, whether it is gyms, hospitals, hotels or our own home! Air concept air purifiers is a concept initialized by filter concept which works towards the betterment of the society and the air we breathe in! Mobile air purifiers designed for all (females, males, and children) helps purify the air we breathe in outside hence a foot forward in making the earth the safe place it once was!