Ambient air pollution: Ways to improve air quality levels in India!

Ambient air pollution is on a constant rise leading to a serious threat and crisis for the humankind. To prevent it from ruining our livelihood, the ways to cater to this type of pollution needs to be significantly focused upon. The ways in which day-to-day functionality is not disturbed and the sources of air pollution could be cut off from the very roots is what the government and the public voluntarily need to work together upon. In recent studies, India’s air quality levels have been studied to be the most polluted of all the countries situated on the Asian continent and hence requires immediate action.

India: The most polluted country

India is considered to be the most polluted country in accordance with recent studies which concluded deaths of 2.5 million people in the country itself due to its ambient air pollution. The air quality levels have been on constant deterioration, with air pollutants like particulate matter (2.5 and 10), nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide being the three most commonly found within the long list of air pollutants present in the air we breathe in. Globalization and growth, with mining and manufacturing being the two pillars of growth, the country stands on a state of distinction due to exploitation. The developing nations being on a pedestal of judgment is always on the run for growth and advancements, but this race has cost millions of lives in India itself. China is the second country on the list of the most polluted countries with 1.8 million deaths. India with growth and advancement needs to focus on the cost at which it operates. The factory and vehicle residues combined are making the air outside and indoors polluted and dangerous for the citizens. If situations aren’t made to be in control, the entire country will pay the price, be it by deaths or by migration.

Technology advancement: A ray of hope

Countries like Japan have joined hands with several countries in need to employ technology to the rescue with developing nations at risk. Japan with its technology advancement offers aids to prevent and fight air pollution on home ground. The country has innovatively invented environmental-friendly coal-fire power technology and is sure of its capability to fight and eliminate air pollution from the roots. Though the costs involved are high and henceforth is a difficult luxury for the developing nations to afford. Technology advancements on the lower hand are as useful as the biggest of the break-through. The technology advancement in the field of air purifiers has been on a rise in countries like India. With new minds and expertise altogether successfully are producing air purifiers with HEPA filters and complex yet effective filtering advancements added to the air purifiers to fight indoors which is likely to constitute 5 times more polluted air than outside.

Prevention by basics

Air pollution with its full power has been on the attack since a very long time now, hence forms of prevention and fightbacks are more important than just luxury now. The basic form of prevention starts with home is what is said by the experts. The reduction of house dust, house smokes, pet dander, reduced use of vehicles, organic house cleaning products to be promoted and plantation increased, are some basic face of prevention tactics we humans can apply in order to survive and save the air quality standards from falling further down. The public welfare tactics of using public transportation, installations of air purifiers on the commercial centers and smart use of technology combined can help us from drowning in risks.

Air purifiers: The need of the hour

Air purifiers are machines to purify the harmful air pollutants from the air and provide us with safe, clean and healthy air to breathe in. Technology advancements in order to save the country of its harmful air are standing in the strong base of the invention of air purifiers. Air purifiers with HEPA filters and special designs to fight specific harmful air pollutants such as the particulate matter 2.5 and 10 are considered to be the most brutal of all the air pollutants which aids the path to successfully winning against air pollution. Other harmful air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide, and lead are efficiently eliminated by the specially designed HEPA air purifiers. Ambient air pollution is a toxic war we have to fight and in order to win newer and extravagant viewpoints, different approaches are needed to be clubbed together, with us standing on the verge of extinction. The time to be calm is gone. Now is the time to act and take major steps in order to erase any threats for us to live a long and healthy life.