Ambient Air Pollution – An unwanted shock for the Environment Day celebration

Earth, the place that we call ‘ours’ is a home planet to thousands of species of animals, plants and human beings are now getting ruined for the future to come. 5th June is celebrated globally as ‘World Environment Day’ in honor to appreciate what the mother earth gives us and a small step to make it better than what we have made of it. But looking at our efforts, they are highly minimal which is going to save the planet from deterioration, the rising temperature, water levels and speeding up of melting glaciers which are some of the major issues we have been facing since the last decade. The already grave situation is furthermore fueled by our one big enemy- AIR POLLUTION. The earth is dying, and not more than a decade we have to change the course of action and save our planet or we will meet the fate we so unknowingly are headed towards.

Environment: beauty deteriorated

Environment Day is an active initiative by the United Nations and is joined by other 143 countries. Every year on 5th June the oath to save the planet, to save the environment, to retaliate against present situations is actively spoken about and is forgotten by the next day. Environment’s beauty is ruptured by overuse of plastic, water, and air pollution, global warming and many other human-oriented actions which not only ruins the outlook of the planet’s environment but also harms other natural habitant’s livelihoods. The environment is just like a family, with every aspect of its cycle as a member co-dependent on the other. Hence humans are not only breaking the chain but also rupturing the natural order of cycle of nature leading the environment and the planet itself towards its horrific end.

Air pollution: the roots of all our problems

Ambient air pollution is a rising issue, in fact, its “the” issue creating paths for other deterioration reasons to multiply and attack. Poor air quality index throughout the globe and the harmful increase of air pollutants are resulting in multiple environment failures, with an increased number of deaths and illness not only in humans but also the other animal species. The environment comprises of animals, humans, and plants as the three main pillars of existence and with deteriorating air quality levels the increased risk of the massacre of species provide us with only two alternatives and they are either choose to act or else die. The actions we take, efforts we make in order to save the air we breathe in will decide the future course of all living species co-dependent collectively. The planet is dying and only clear air could save it, what will you choose; life or death?

Cycle of dependency

The environment is nothing but a collective term for all things living in the natural habitat we call earth, plants, animals, and humans who are a significant part of the cycle of the environment which are not only inter-related but also are co-dependent. Existence of one another depends on what the others choose to be. Humans treating their hold over the environment with brutalities resulting in deterioration of the other two significant spectrums of environment they forgot to give importance to. Blind-sighted decisions, selfish encounters with the environment, mistreatment of the given uphold over the control of the environment and its cycle is the very cause of what’s next to come. Humans have been over-utilizing resources and moreover, have been exploiting the natural resources including the air we breathe in with a continuous increase of omission of harmful gases in the atmosphere on a much larger scale. This is affecting the environment at large and hence creating the balance to disturb, and is nothing but is to be called our end.

An effort today could save our tomorrow

An old saying, “actions speaks louder than words”, perfectly describes us on what to do to save the planet and the environment from further harms and work towards betterment starts today itself. It is stupid to wait for that one day of the year when you will plant a tree, or clean the surroundings and do something for the environment. Humans realizing its uphold over the control of environment need to realize the responsibility of power to act, fight and make a joint effort to make the surroundings clean and make the air we breathe safer and cleaner.  We should focus on building a healthy future which we need to pave the way with careful steps of betterment.

To enjoy the fruits tomorrow, we have planted the tree today. So realize your responsibility and work on it.