Ambient Air Pollution – Ways to prevent air pollution in India!

Air pollution is on a constant rise exposing hundreds and thousands of lives at hazardous health risks. With numerous attempts by governments and non-profit organizations, we still fail to fight back against this demon. Hence we are required to take fast and effective strong measures to prevent the ambient air pollution from rising and growing.

Ambient air pollution with numerous causes is of two types; Outdoor and Indoor. Both require different lookouts and different preventive steps, with air purifiers being the first and permanent solution for indoor air pollution and vehicle usage reduction for outdoor air pollution. These are the two most popular and effective of all preventive measures to act upon.

Preventive measures for air pollution:

  1. Reduced usage of cars

Urban civilizations have been on a rise in recent years and with the livelihood standards growing luxurious, the ways for people to perform daily acts are changing as well. The most common of all human activities is mobilization. The need for humans to go out for work and socializing requires commuting through vehicles like bus, train, cars, and scooters. With luxuries being prioritized, the needs for multiple vehicles in a single household have become important and hence the problems of air pollution due to vehicles are prominent in the urban civilizations.

The most effective measure to prevent air pollution in the crowded cities of the country is to reduce or minimize the use of vehicles. Less the numbers of vehicles, lessen the amount of air pollution from it.

  1. Promotion of the use of public transports

Government with people’s best interest at mind introduced the idea of public transports like buses and trains. There use is exercised to reduce the need for the public to use personal vehicles to commute. Public transports save fuel, money and the economy at large. The fuel money in people’s pockets incur every month reduces to a significant number and the use of fuel resources reduce as well. Public transports are the methodical key to success at fighting back air pollution and economy bubble at large and helps restore the faith at winning the battle against the strongest evil of air pollution for the best.

  1. Conserve energy

The most significant of all measures is to save energy. The fuel is used daily for activities that are a part of life-routines for the majority of the population like the fuel for vehicles, gasoline for fireplaces and stoves. Here are some measures we can apply:

  • Follow the gasoline refueling instructions for efficient vapor energy.
  • Pay heed to the added careful observation on not to spill fuel and always tightening your gas cap securely.
  • Review and select better alternatives than wood for burning such as gas logs.
  1. Grow more trees

Trees and plants are the gifts of the natural habitat to the humankind in their civilizations to restore the balance between nature and human activities for survival. But with time, human activities started taking a toll on the growth and betterment of the life of natural flora and fauna of the planet. The flora comprising of plants and trees could be grown more with human interference and the gap could be filled. Regular planting of trees and maintenance will fuel the plan against air pollution with a strong uphold over the flora and strike a balance between the natural habitats of the planet.

  1. Air purifying indoor plants

Air purifying plants for indoors is a new concept, yet these classic floras create balance and purify the air inside the house. Indoor air pollution is considered to be 5 times more brutal than the outdoor air pollution and hence the fight at home becomes tougher and the need to protect our loved ones emphasized. The need to find creative preventive measures which not only eliminate air particulates but also purify the air inside is significant and should be applied urgently.

  1. HEPA filter to the rescue

Vacuum cleaners and air purifiers with HEPA filters are the futuristic inventions for the betterment of today. HEPA filters with its individualistic power to cleanse the air of all the tiny air particulates facilitate the cleaning of the house to become safer and cleaner. The air particulates are tiny and invisible to the naked eye but reside within the dust and hence keep your house and other close defined areas dust free. It is more of a necessity with HEPA filters that the process to clean the air of these air particulates becomes easy.

  1. Proper ventilation

Houses, offices, gyms, schools, colleges, hospitals and hotels are the places which are considered to be indoors and the need to have proper ventilation of air, the traveling of air within the room is more important than we ever consider it to be. Windows and doors need to be open, the air needs to flow free within the room hence be given the room to cross ventilate across the room.

  1. Cleanse the house of pet dander and dust

Pet dander and dust are the two most brutal portals of these tiny air particulates to travel and attack the indoor air making it more polluted and dangerous. The need for the house to be dust free and dander free is a requirement that must be delivered. The more the house is free from these two, the less are the chances of air pollution growing and feasting upon our loved ones inside the 4 walls.

  1. Keep indoor humidity low

Humidity causes several portals to open for dust and stored water to increase the chances of grown air pollution inside the four walls and is extremely difficult to rid of once it settles. The foul smell and the foul effects of it are long proven. The need for the house to be low in humidity is a major requirement to fight indoor air pollution.

  1. Create awareness

The most brutal of all human activities is the act of denial. Human beings being advanced needs proof and yet at times due to the habit of questioning fails to believe in them. There exists a group of people in the world which considers the pollution news to be fake and hence the need to educate these groups and make them understand the reality is a must for all of us to fight strongly against the air pollution of the world as a team. The need to open their eyes to the truth is a must in order to take steps in restoring the present and the betterment of the future.