Ambient Air Pollution: A Cause for Poor Mental Health in the Country!

Ambient air pollution has been lately identified as the cause of death, a cause for heart diseases, a cause for respiratory problems. But one facet remains untouched by the science studying air pollution and its effects on human health, which is its harmful effects on our human mind. Recent studies concluded with a horrid disclosure that accounted for poor mental health being a cause of ambient air pollution. The increased number of mental health cases in recent times and the growing numbers of mental health cases, the poor performance of our children in schools and colleges are all a cause of ambient air pollution. Studies have been conducted worldwide to find actual causes of ambient air pollution other than the already known ones which lead to the poor neural connections, brain inflammation, lack of containment and focus. It was found that the behavioral patterns were extremely affected by the poor readings of air quality index.

Ambient air pollution: cause for poor performance in schools and colleges!

Air pollution has overly affected our world, especially in urban cities. A larger section of the urban population is exposed to the air pollutants and sadly there is very little we could do to stop this deadly spread of harms in the human civilization. The children living in urban areas have been likely to be hit by the tiny yet mighty air pollutants on a larger extent which the studies clearly depict has a downward effect on their levels of performance, levels of concentration and containment. The urban cities have been flooded with these micro air pollutants and millions of cases of people dying because of them have been reported. The air pollutants have a deeper impact on the children aged between 1-9 years, therefore the need to protect the health of these innocents both physical and mental ripped off the installation of air purifiers and air filters in all schools, colleges, and homes is pre-requisite to a healthy start.

Ambient air pollution: cause disturbance in containment of behavior!

Ambient air pollution has been found as having effects on people and their behavioral tactics. Increased rates of mental health cases, ill-temperament in people, basic disturbance of thoughts and mental health issues are the ill-factors that have shown up because of the increased levels of pollution in the air we breathe in. The studies show a correlation between the mental health of the population and the pollution levels in the area, and a major revelation was found one of them being poor mental health in the areas where there is significant growth in pollution. The short-term effects that we perceive are actually long-term effects which are not just ruining the present days but our future as well. The rise in air pollution causes inflammation of the mind and henceforth mind loses focus, containment, and peace, in the end, pausing to take the form of a serious mental health disorder. The need is to breathe cleaner air, the need is to breathe healthier air and that is only possible with air purifiers and air filters installed at every close confined place whether it be your house or office, a restaurant or a hotel room, the pre-requisite to safe air is an air purifier.

Air concept air purifier: helping aid to provide cleaner and safe air!

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