Ambient Air Pollution transforming the season of love to season of death

Come February and there will be a celebration with your Valentine and the feeling of ‘love being in the air’. But is it ONLY love which is in the air or deadly tiny air pollutants lurking to attack?

The early months of 2019 have been a constant host to the transitional weather and ambient air pollution for the country of India, especially the megacities of the country being Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad have been under attack by these little algae-sized bacteria in the air. They are acting as the silent killers of more than a million citizens of the city through the past years.

The six major air pollutants in the air!

Did you know that the ambient air pollution has been a prioritized issue of concern for the government and the citizens of the world, especially India which consists of more than 15 cities listed under the most polluted cities list? Isn’t it shocking?

There are six basic air pollutants that are commonly found in the air whether outside or confined around four walls of our houses, offices, schools, restaurants, and gyms. The vehicles used for traveling and keeping contact with the outside world are the hosts to these silent killers as well.

They are Lead, PM 2.5, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Oxide, and Nitrogen Oxide. Each of them has a severe and distinguished effect on human health which is held accountable for causing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory diseases. The need of the hour is the air purifiers and filters that could fight these evils and safeguard our loved ones from the dangers of air pollution.

Vehicles are no longer a safe way to commute!

Vehicles are an economical way to commute for any common citizen of the country. The cars, public transports as well as two-wheelers are the main cause for the creation of pollutant-friendly nature in the outside area. The vehicle smokes are found accountable for the increase of smoke in the outside air which we efficiently take back to our homes and offices. It is said that cars are supposed to be the safe way to commute but when the harmful air-conditioned air and outside smokes travel within the chances of diseases caused by air, pollution increases with an alarming rate! The air purifiers with special designs especially for these vehicles are needed to re-define comfort and safety within the vehicles.

Indoor air 5 times more polluted than the outside!

The indoors, being the place where we live (homes), the places where we work (offices), the places we work-out (gyms) and the places where we go for relaxation and fun (hotels and restaurants) are considered to be the most dangerous to breathe in, with harmful chemicals being flooded in and the inside air being polluted beforehand makes the air polluted with double the speed and double the effect and harms. The house smokes, firewood, gas stoves, floor and wall cleaners, detergents, etc. are some of the basic sources of the air pollutants being born in your very own “safe place”. The answers to all of our worries are the air purifiers designed especially to make our safe places safe again.

Air filters and purifiers are the need of the hour!

Air concept air purifiers and filters are the very saviors that we are looking for. The advanced technology, with special features added to every model for being the very efficient machine, it was specially designed multi-purpose air purifiers and filters that makes all kinds of confined spaces safe, secure and fresh. Its special mobile air purifiers are designed differently for men, women, and kids and are even perfect for the walk-safety. These air purifiers are designed with special HEPA filters that are best in class and design for making the future better.

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day along with Air concept gifting safe and fresh air to your beloved!