Ambient Air Pollution: Transitional seasons cause troubles for the city of Ahmedabad!

Ahmedabad a city of promising future with millennials taking charge at redefining the boundaries of success for the city and they have succeeded, MOSTLY! The danger of death still lingers on the back of the city and with the season god being confused our air pollution levels seems to have reached to the top, with an alarming “severe” rate of increase according to the air quality index parameters designed by the WHO. The need to fight back air pollution has been evolved to become a fight of survival for the citizens. The need for saviors hasn’t been more of necessity until recently, with air pollution widening its scope our duty to widen our scope of security for the loved ones has increased too. Air purifiers for every need with HEPA filters and PM indictors are proven to be of great help in the recent past and are needed more now!

The city under attack of air pollutants!

Air pollutants have been enjoying a free-ride inside our homes lurking onto our loved ones since a very long time, but with weather and climate being on a confused battle the rise of these harmful air pollutants of carbon dioxide and Sulphur dioxide has been frightening for the citizens and the officials as well. The city pollution control board has been trying to fight these evils for a very long time but with only one side fighting the evil seems to be winning with a great margin. The recent studies show the air quality index has not shown the bar to be satisfactory for a long time. The recent AQI depicts 171 level of air pollution being categorized as “unhealthy” for the city.

4 walls: a confined delusional safe place!

Our homes being the safe place are supposedly guards for our loved ones, but the truth and the facts prove to be otherwise. The confined walls of your house protect the little air pollutants more rather than your loved ones, the PM 2.5 levels have shown to be alarmingly dangerous under the roof instead of the outsides. The gas emissions from the fires, gas stoves, air conditioners are supposedly more dangerous than our vehicle and factory emissions. The outsides have been a dark place for humans to breathe in but the insides are proved to be more harmful.

Air purifiers: all the security we need!

Air purifiers are the safety nets manufactured by humans to guard humans inside the confined walls against all the harmful air pollutants. But technology always has designs which are different and hierarchical when it comes to the quality standards, and so as to provide your loved ones all the best levels of safety they need to decide the best air purifier is a tough choice which you need to make carefully and that’s where your answer confines to a single choice being: HEPA air purifiers designed by Air Concept, a concept by filter concept to provide your family with an opportunity to build a home that’s secure from all kinds of odd!

Air concept air purifiers!

Air concept air purifiers are designed for you to leave all your worries and focus on creating a sustainable future! The air purifiers designed by air concept provides with a guard towards all kinds of bad odors, air pollutants, pet dander, house cleaning products, house dust and mites. The specially manufactured air purifiers with 7 levels of purification system installed with best in class HEPA filters and PM indicators. The purifiers are differently designed for cars, homes, offices and as well when you need purification on the move. The air concept air purifiers are designed to make your lives as beautiful as they were supposed to be!