Heading to a consistent downward slope: India’s air quality index!

Air pollution in recent times is the biggest evil that we need to forfeit, as with time its malicious hold is getting stronger over the growth of the humankind. The venomous air particulates in the indoor atmosphere have been on a rise. It consists of particles such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter being the huge constituents of the air outside and inside. The country’s air quality index defines to be as the index calculation of the air quality through different time periods to study the present air quality and to control the future air quality levels in accordance to the standards set by World Health Organization (WHO) which is considered to be the safest and cleanest levels of air available. The need for the hour is to build the downward slopes of air quality index, the falling air quality index to an inverse condition with prevention for the outside poor air quality and installation of air purifiers for the indoor adverse air quality conditions.

City air quality index to deteriorate at a fast pace!

Urban civilizations famously called the “cities” are the most affected by the growth of air pollutants in the atmosphere due to excessive use of vehicles, fuels and poor management of air quality index. As a result, the reach of these malicious pollutants has stretched to our houses and indoors, with recent studies depicting growth in the amount of indoor air pollution is a consistent factor responsible for the increase in death rates, weakness, and life-threatening diseases which are a constant fear lurking on the backs of citizens! The targets were children and elderly, these venomous air particulates have been enjoying a massacre hence putting us on the frontline to fight and forfeit this evil and uproot it right where has started fast, or else the adverse effects is going to result in with our extinction!

Rural areas: the new targets of poor air quality!

Cities being under attack, it is difficult to think if our villages and towns are safe from its adverse after-effects. Even the nearby towns and villages have been affected with life-threatening diseases specifically respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and due to limited resources at its reach, the number of risks is almost double. The towns near our capital have been hit with a storm of these air pollutants and have been hit hard, with funds being limited the amount of medical aids requirements aren’t met hence being an open wound for the harmful ambient air particles to attack and weaken us further! The needs of the small towns and villages have been studied and are without a doubt a focus but with distance being a hampering factor, the reliefs are taking longer to reach the needy!

Outside air quality deterioration: prevention is the key!

Outside air quality index deterioration has been a worrisome issue for the government and the citizens, with the increased use of vehicles, the gas residues exposed formulates the work of the malicious air particulates easy and hence making our front of prevention weaker, the prevention being simple and immediate should be reduction in the use of vehicles, personal vehicles being a huge amount should be at halt and use of public transport should be marketed and accepted more! Another major source of outside air pollution is the industrial solid fuels and residues exposed directly into the air engaging and multiplying the harmful air particulates at a rate which will be impossible for us to be controlled! The factories placed/ located in city areas need to be moved immediately outside of the city boundaries and a limit to its daily exposure of residues should be well restricted with an immediate effect.

Indoor air: a rising death threat!

Indoor air has been stated to be more polluted and dangerous when compared to the outside air, with sources being multiplied the number of death threats has been multiplied as well. The key sources for indoor air pollution consist of house dust, pet hair, cleaning materials, cigarette smoke, house smoke, sprays, and deodorants, etc. thus a wide scope for the air pollutants to enter and affect our loved ones within the well-protected confined walls! The homes, offices, gyms, schools and colleges, hospitals and hotels and restaurants are the very confined walls which we supposedly think of as the safe places and yet these are the places are more polluted than the streets!

Air purifiers: the last hope of survival!

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