The 21st century is considered to be the black decade for air quality index levels and monitoring these levels haven’t proved out to be of any help. With the increase in polluting activities by a human being, poor air quality levels are far from upscale and are rather deteriorating day-by-day. Outdoor or Indoor air quality is polluted equally and with further studies, the results showcase a more vivid spread of air pollutants in the indoor air surroundings, with activities including house cleaners, sprays, house dust, house smoke, harmful particles like carbon monoxide, ozone, Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide. The particulate matter has not only increased the amount but also in strength. The country’s air quality index defines to be the index calculation of the air quality through different time periods to study the present air quality and to control the future air quality levels in accordance to the standards set by World Health Organization (WHO). It is considered to be the safest and cleanest levels of air available. The need for the hour is to build the downward slopes of air quality index to an inverse condition with the installation of air purifiers.

Urban-rural areas all being affected adversely

Urban civilizations being on the verge of a major downfall made villages and other rural areas a safe spot, but with time and deterioration levels being high, none of the areas are to be considered safe anymore. With a rise in the amount of indoor air pollution, the rise of the airborne disease has hit the cities and villages equally in a large number. Cities being polluted by the vehicle residues, the villages and rural areas are being covered with smoke and dust, with common enemies like house cleaners, house smoke, and cigarette smoke. This makes the air quality indexes continue to have a downfall. The air particulate matter is the most harmful of all. It is considered to be small and active with minimal to zero amount of time wasted by these air particles to enter our homes and safe places and attack our loved ones. Hence, we are left with no option but to fight. With the rapid technology advancements, efficient hold over global trends and successful installations of monitoring devices in each city with a scope of judgment for the nearby villages as well, the widened scope of study of air particles and their movements need to deviate a plan to fight and win. This is nothing but a battle to survive with the rapid growth of ambient air pollution. The death threats are nearly doubled irrespective of the area you live in and the air we breathe in which is toxic.

Prevention is the cure to livelihood

Prevention is better than cure, this is common teaching which we all were taught in different languages, methods, and levels but this was always the gist to survival. Hence that is what we need to practice. Prevention of the harmful activities that lead us here is the only key to save us and our loved ones from extinction. The battle is not easy but we need our technological advancements to focus on the pressing issue of air pollution. The small air pollutants are almost invisible to the naked eye and hence the monitoring devices are our only hope to study the movement of these particles. The judgment of these movements would lead us to the path to not only fight the ambient air pollution but also eliminate it completely. The prevention starts from home and the government which is an active participant in organizing and preventing the outside air pollution. The need for us is to control the indoor air pollution, with installations of monitors all over the country. The need to study and deviate a methodical plan for usage of vehicles, prevention of house smokes and fires, installations of air purifiers and restricted gas emissions from factories and industries will give us an edge to plan ahead, but prevention is required to control the damage which is already done.

Air purifiers: our contribution

Indoor air is considered to be 5 times more polluted than the outside air and hence to fight this powerful evil, we need to use our power of technological advancements. The design of air purifiers with the latest needs and equipment filters the air we breathe in and make it safer and cleaner. The air purifiers with HEPA filters installed within work premises are under extreme conditions (being present) and the harmful effects were reduced to nil. It provides an opportunity to control the venomous widespread of harmful air pollutants and emit them. Indoor air has been stated to be more polluted and dangerous when compared to the outside air, with sources being multiplied to the number of death threats. The key sources for indoor air pollution consist of house dust, pet hair, cleaning materials, cigarette smoke, house smoke, sprays, and deodorants, etc. Thus there is a wide scope for the air pollutants to enter and affect our loved ones within the well-protected confined walls. The homes, offices, gyms, schools & colleges, hospitals & hotels, and restaurants are the very confined walls which we supposedly think of as the safe places and yet these are the places more polluted than the streets.