How far can you blame Agriculture for rising ambient air pollution in India?

Agriculture is considered to be the source of income for 70% of the Indian population and a major source for the food industry and government to regulate the flow of food India. The recent surveys by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) show the rising issue of crop burning residue (CRB) is the root cause of ambient air pollution. The increased numbers of patients affected by airborne respiratory infections popularly known as Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) in the northern states of India are majorly influencing the health risks of children aged below 5 years. The need for a technology to wipe the airborne particulate matter known as PM 2.5 is out from the air we breathe and make the air of India toxic-free!

The issue of Crop burning residue

Crop burning residue is the emissions from the agricultural crop burning by the farmers to avoid disposal costs which are presently leading the list of causes harmful for respiration of the human as well as animal kinds. The harmful Crop Burning Residue is considered to be the prioritized toxicity causing air pollution levels to increase and therefore mounting the risks to health for the population of the country especially the nearby districts.

Crop burning residue has been an issue of priority for the states of Haryana, Punjab and the capital city, Delhi along with entire north India. The rising levels of air pollution are the end results of these irresponsible and inattentive activities indulged by the farmers and the agricultural community of our country. This issue needs to be processed and sorted as soon as possible to solve the ambient air pollution and preventing the deterioration of air quality levels.

The big step by the industrial community to fight the odds is the introduction of Air purifiers as the air purification tool to provide with cleaner and safer air for the population of our country;, especially children and senior citizens.

Air purification process sounds to be a tough and complex process to the general minds but is the easiest and most comfortable way to fight the evil airborne harmful particles. The tool for air purification to be utilized is a millennial approach to save the world and is known as air purifiers and filter.

Air purifiers work as the shield to create a protection layer over the indoor air which is considered to be 5 times more harmful than the outsides. Big metro cities need to regulate the use of air purifiers in all homes, schools, hotels, hospitals, gyms and any other indoor places. The cars are considered to be the only mean of comfortable transportation and therefore the security of this necessity of ours is a must. It is taken care of by the technological designers who came up with car air purifiers to fight the odds and keep your loved one safe from the harmful air particles!

Air concept air purifiers help to clear unwanted air

Air concept is designed by Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. which is to be considered the smart millennial approach to the designs of air purification systems to work with style and efficiency to keep your loved ones safe. The mobile air purifiers designed differently for men, women, and kids provides security from the air pollution particles on the move, whereas the car air purifiers provide security when you out for a drive!

The need to fight air pollution and airborne respiratory infections is a significant issue which we need to prioritize not for the sake of ourselves only but also for the lives of our loved ones. The ones influenced majorly are the children and senior citizens whom we so generously need to guard or else the little airborne harmful particles will make a home which we never will be able to destroy or fight back! Take actions now or let the future be left burning.
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