Air pollution and its effects on Ahmedabad city!

Ahmedabad a city of culture, technology and most of important of all a city of different people all residing together. The city has been showing a pace of growth that is unique and the most of all the other competitive cities. A city of technology and culture existing together has been a hub for success stories since decades. The growth percentage of the city is at a great pace and the fast adaptability of the city has been proven to be a boon for the future. Amongst all the success stories and great news prevailing in the city’s description a new title has been awarded to the city and that is nothing to be proud of! Ahmedabad in the recent readings of air quality index has been listed more polluted than the capital of the country, Delhi. The recent readings by SAFAR depict the air quality index of Ahmedabad being highly toxic and deadly. Air purification is a need, a necessity we must take into consideration for continuing on the path of growth that once the city was on! The need for air purifiers and filters has arisen. Once considered luxuries are the new need for the city to be again what it was, a safe and clean hub for growth!

Toxic air quality index of Ahmedabad

SAFAR, System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research, has the responsibility of regulating air quality index of all states in the country. A recent reading of Ahmedabad city with an alarming number of 310 which is more than the capital of the country Delhi being 278 is a threat to all the citizens of the city and the government of the city as well. A city prevailing on the path of success is now under the threat of killing the citizens with the harmful pollutants in the air. The city is busy focusing on growing forgot to take care of the necessity; AIR! The heavy usage of vehicles, house smokes and industrial wastes are some of the sources that are to be blamed for the poor air quality of the city. The need for purifying air is to be listed under the top agendas for the city for coming years to save the city and its people from extinction. Air purification is a necessity as to get the pollutants level down and cleansing the air for the betterment of the citizens.  The city once considered a hub for technology and education is now the most polluted city of all, the tag of being polluted and toxic has to be eliminated or else nor the image neither the people are safe!

Nor outsides neither the 4 walls guarding you are safe!

According to recent studies, the indoor air is 5 times more polluted than the outside. The city is under the top polluted list with an alarming air quality index of 310 depicts the impurities that are safely hiding in our houses as well! Indoors are always closed areas with less or no ventilation which makes it impossible for the purification on its own! The use of kerosene, tobacco, cleaning products and the presence of pets are some of the sources for indoor air pollution. To fight these pollutants the hands are not enough, we need a saviour, a machine which is efficient and fast in purification which can make the cleaning easier. The answer to all our miseries is air purifiers. A machine to filter the air we breathe in and make our houses again the safe places they used to be! A promise that we make to our loved ones is to keep them safe from the outside harms, it’s time to make amends and try keeping our promise. There are some home remedies which could help us in the temporary cleansing such as plantation of Sansevieria- a toxin absorbing plant, avoiding usage of paints, adhesives and solvents in the periods of occupancies, etc. but these remedies are temporary solutions or additional remedies as to say, to reduce the pollutants. The long-run answer to these harmful allergens and pollutants is air purifiers.  Not only our houses but vehicles are impure too, air purifiers for vehicles are needed to make the travelling clean and safe. The office going citizens are breathing impure air not only at their homes and in cars but also in the places of work. Air pollution in offices and corporate places is increasing in percentage day by day.

Air purifiers the need of the hour!

Air purifiers were considered a luxury in old days, but rather they now are the necessity. The air we breathe in our homes, offices are more polluted than the air outside. The need for us is to safeguard our loved ones and ourselves from these silent killers binging in our houses, and to do this we need air purifiers which could be trusted in purifying the air to a satisfactory level! The air we breathe in closed structures in 5 times more polluted than the air outside, the pollutants present inside are more as the added pollutants from the paints, air conditioners, heaters, gas stoves, carbon dioxide, tobacco smoke etc reduce the air quality furthermore, so if you think you are safe in your home, think again! Air purifiers have been a luxury in past but now is more of a necessity!  A house without air purifier is an open invitation to the air to kill! To make our houses safer and cleaner we need air purifiers especially designed for houses, and for vehicles or offices, a different design is to be made. Air purifiers do prevail in the market, but the same air purifiers for every place is nor efficient neither effective. The need for all is to identify the best option available for their specific need in the market and choose wisely.

Air concept: a solution, a saviour!

Air quality is decreasing day-by-day and to not hinder our future generation’s lives we need to take care of it now, and air purifiers will help us in that. Air concept filters by filter concept is an answer to all of your worries. These are finely designed air filters keeping in mind all the variants a buyer has in consideration, which are: prices, technology, certifications! Air concept filters have distinguished air filters for all your needs. Air purifiers are specially designed for all places, including purifiers for school and colleges, purifiers for gyms and purifiers for offices. These specially designed air purifiers are efficient and effective in making the air safe and clean for us!   Air concept has wide ranges of air purifiers for all, with 7 different layers of fertilization, and in the higher ranges, the layers are increased to 9 for better results in covering a bigger area.

Air concept filters not only help you breathe in a safer and cleaner air but a healthier one as well. Families with pets are to be expected to face more challenges with poor air quality as to the saliva and pet hair makes the air more polluted. Also in seasons like monsoons and winters when we mostly keep our windows and doors closed the risk of air damage increases and air filters especially air concept filters are designed to cover bad odour, dust and unseen air pollutants within seconds.