The common tendency of making biased decisions was restricted to the human deeds but the death threats are becoming biased too. The poor air quality was not a biased problem, but now it is. Collectively the poor or developing nations are facing more dangers than the rich ones. The developing nations lack in resources and financial aids which is causing a major threat for the citizens of mainly the South East Asian countries. These countries are also considered third world countries; these countries are suffering the most with nearly 7 million deaths every year.

Air pollution in different regions!

Air pollution has been shown on different levels in different regions. Regions like south-east Asia are the most targeted and unsafe regions according to the recent studies. The reason for the chaos could be the lack of monetary resources that effects the government’s spending on public welfare. The need for air purifiers in public spaces and transports in every country is must to protect the people from the killer that AIR has become. Air pollution threats in western countries have been on lower rates due to their quick decisions and availability of funds made the action taking process easier.

The countries with less availability of monetary resources are facing problems as compared to the other nations as to the need of citizens is the same but the earnings of the state tell a different story. The need for every nation in the world is to accomplish the level of income which could facilitate the public welfare but the problem arising is the income levels of different nations are on different levels which makes the air pollution threats BIASED in nature.

The regions including countries with less economic growth is on red alert for the ending of the mankind earlier than the other nations! The air pollution may be affecting all but the level effects are different and as disappointing as this sound the truth is AIR POLLUTION THREATS ARE BIASED!

Air purifiers: the need of the hour!

The world is in danger, with the air quality decreasing the day-to-day life activities are becoming life threatening. The air that was supposed to be the ray of life for the human race is becoming the reason for the end! In the last decade deaths by air pollution has rapidly increased and is an alarming threat to the rest of the mankind! The countries which lack in monetary resources suffer the most of all. The countries with large debts and huge population have the highest amount of risk involved. The countries with reduced levels of GDP is in danger, with a huge population and reduced resources the citizens tend to face more amount of side-effects caused by air pollution.

Countries with reduced level of GDP need air purifiers and filters in commercial spaces that are affordable and best in quality. The need to secure the public spaces is a priority for all the nations including India, China, Pakistan and other south-east Asia countries with high level of pollution and dust. The reduced level of GDP showcases lack of monetary resources and therefore it suggests low income level of the citizens of the country and therefore the air purifiers need to be provided to them at lower rates but the quality need not be compromised. The need is of research. Government need to find the best suitable alternative to save their people or the sword of death is hanging straight on their head!

Air concept a solution

Air quality in the developing nations and the poor countries could be brought down to satisfactory levels with the help of air purifiers. The luxury has now become a necessity, with the air quality levels decreasing day by day the need of air filters is increasing. Especially in the developing nations where daily constructions and usage of vehicles is increasing, the need to purify the air is must!

Air quality is decreasing day-by-day and to not hinder our future generation’s lives we need to take care of it now, and air purifiers will help us in that. Air concept filters by filter concept is an answer to all of your worries. These are finely designed air filters keeping in mind all the variants a buyer has in consideration, which are: prices, technology, certifications! Air concept filters have distinguished air filters for all your needs. Air concept has wide ranges of air purifiers for all, with 7 different layers of fertilization, and in the higher ranges the layers are increased to 9 for better results in covering a bigger area.

Air concept filters not only helps you breathe in a safer and cleaner air but a healthier one as well. Families with pets are to be expected to face more challenges with poor air quality as to the saliva and pet hair makes the air more polluted. Also in seasons like monsoons and winters when we mostly keep our windows and doors closed the risk of air damage increases and air filters especially air concept filters are designed to cover bad odour, dust and unseen air pollutants within seconds.

Air filters for all!

Air purifier for Household

A typical home contains pollutants such as VOCs in bed room and living area and also various bacteria if yours is a pet friendly family, kitchen contains smoke from cooking various types of oil, household cleaning products contains alcohol, chlorine, ammonia and many more which harms family’s health in long run. AC – 220 to AC – 450 air purifiers by Air concept serves these basic needs and are best for a family, also size of each bed room and living room should be kept in consideration while choosing an air purifier.

Air purifier for Commercial

Commercial spaces such as office area, college campus, restaurants and hospitals are mostly crowded. Health issues of every individual are difficult to keep in mind. These types of places mostly contain CO2, VOCs, dust and viral infections and many other pollutants invisible to naked eye. Air concept’s AC – 800 and AC – 1000 air purifiers are specially designed for commercial place and to provide better health with a great environment.

Air purifier for Car

One of the most polluted place you go everyday is your own car. The smoke and pollution from outside traffic adversely affects to a person’s health, moreover car’s engine and perfume used in car trigger minor health problems. Air concept’s ACC – 7 is a portable air purifier which is not bigger than a handy diary and therefore is very user friendly.