Ambient indoor air pollution: 4 walls are not enough to guard our loved ones anymore!

HOME: a death threat!

Home a four letter word that means the world to us, not the walls but we believe our love protects our children and partners safe from the dangers lurking just outside! But when human beliefs are understood to be as the facts the dangers get a room full of opportunities to harm us! Our belief of the closed doors saving us from the outside world’s air pollution death threats is the reason that is going to kill us and our loved ones and we will not be able to fight them! The dangers of air pollution and airborne diseases are not merely threats but a big reason to worry or else the time will go on and with time we will too! The human race is facing a danger that has no face and is so tiny that it is invisible to the naked eye. The killer in modern times is airborne pollutants that are slowly lurking on our backs to take a stab and make us history! Before they make us history, we need to fight these evil little tiny killers and the only advanced weapon we have in our hands are the air purifiers!

Ways your home is killing you!

Our homes are considered to be the shields but this shield, in particular, is the major reason creating problems for its own creators. The rising issue of air pollution is considered to be a priority in the social and political hierarchy of pressing issues, the significance of this issue is deadly is the number of deaths and harm it has caused, the numbers of deaths and suffered patients alone in India are millions. Indoor air pollution has got its importance in the recent reports which suggest the insides/indoors are more dangerous than the outside. The list for indoor air pollutants consists of Smoke, fungal spores, and chemicals used in certain paints, varnishes, and cleansers which are proven to be dangerous and harmful to the humankind. These indoor air pollutants are the tiny particles that are not visible to the naked eye and are the most harmful, the deadliest of all is PM 2.5, which is considered to be the assassin working for the rival team very efficiently! The house smoke and gases are the very reason for the lung diseases caused and are the most threatening for children and old-aged citizens. These silent killers that we call tiny air pollutants are not only causing severe respiratory diseases but also cardiovascular diseases are their gift to us!

Ways to fight the killer!

The small changes could save your world! These are some of the preventive measures to keep the harms away and make the homes the safe place they used to be, again!

  1. If your house consists of a gas stove, make sure it’s well-ventilated.
  2. Pests are another form of killers and therefore try covering all the trash cans to avoid these pests.
  3. The bedding could be washed weekly to avoid clutter.
  4. Incorporate carbon monoxide detectors.
  5. The main cause of indoor pollution are house smokes, and the major cause of house smokes is cigarette smoke! Quit smoking now!

But these are ineffective to the damage when the harm is of the great amount! We need a savior, a permanent and advanced solution to fight the air pollutants and push the harms of death away from our family! What we need are air purifiers! The human race is known for innovations and inventions that are made for the betterment and development of society as a whole and that is what air purifiers are! The air purifiers are the saviors in the form of mechanics that the modern times need! Every house will become a safe place with the incorporation of air purifiers!

Air concept at your service!

The difficult times are tests for which we need to be prepared. The modern evil has an upper hand when we are unarmed. The arms we need is already with us! Our minds! The human mind has successfully built a savior for its betterment and that is what we call air purifiers! But advancement and dangers of the air pollutants are so high that only some of the weapons are useful and the other areas useless as the windows to protect us from air pollutants! The air purifiers with HEPA filters and an advanced form of filtration process is only the answer to our prayers! Air concept an initiative by Filter concept has successfully designed and manufactured an air purifier which works with 7 layer of filters, HEPA filter included! It not only fights air pollutants but also fights the additional after effects, of bad odor. Air concept air purifiers not only help us keep our homes safe but the varied designs help build any surrounding being office, gym, restaurants, hotels, and cars safe a secure form of indoor air pollution effects! Choose air concept, choose life!

Build a home free from all evils! Air concept is lending a hand! Make a future healthy enough to sustain!