Household air pollution and its sources!

Home! A four letter word that defines our whole world! The home we call ours, the home within which lives our loved ones, home the place we call guardian of the kids, home the place where our parents dream of growing old and finally HOME the place we want to build as of a safe-place! But is it? The home we so whole-heartedly decorate and design is a reason for the deaths of our loved ones! How? The answer is air pollution! Air pollution tends to be the root cause for major number of deaths and illness in the world. The tendency of us being off-guard in the secure 4 indoor walls is proving to be dangerous and life threatening! The air quality index depicts the level of poor air quality in the urban cities and towns. The need for air purifiers in our houses is more of an alarm to wake up and fight or else the harmful indoor air pollutants are going to kill our loved ones in their sleep! The wake-up call being the poor level of air quality index was must need to be heard and understood but we are likely to take it lightly and then pay a huge price!

Indoor air pollutants

Indoor air pollutants are the hidden small particles in our homes in the form of house dust and smoke which are likely to be proven the root causes of the major deaths and illness caused by air pollution. There are mainly 5 air pollutants which are major threats to the health and life of our loved ones; namely: lead, carbon monoxide, VOC, radon and particulate matter. These air pollutants are present in our homes, offices, gyms, schools and every other indoor close defined areas in the products and processes that we incorporate in our routines. The house cleansing products, smokes, house dust, perfumes and hair sprays, furniture polish, stored fuels and contaminated water all of these are major sources of these killing micro particles which we call indoor air pollutants.

Air Pollutants and its sources

1. Carbon monoxide

This is an odourless, colourless toxic gas, which can kill you before you are aware of its existence. This gas is invisible to naked eyes also its presence cannot be tasted or felt. Carbon monoxide also known as CO if exposed for a long time period can cause death and serious injuries to health of the people. The major sources of carbon monoxide are: unvented kerosene and gas space heaters, leaking chimneys and furnaces, gas water heaters, wood stoves, vehicle exhausts and incomplete oxidation during combustion in gas ranges and kerosene heaters. The dangerous health impacts of exposure to carbon monoxide are: fatigue, chest pains, angina, impaired vision, reduced brain function, nausea and fatal at very high concentrations.

2. Lead

Lead is known to be a harmful environmental pollutant, which causes life threatening diseases and illness if exposed to for a longer time period. Lead is known to be more dangerous for kids as to the growing body tends to absorb more of lead than a body of an adult. The children are tend to be more exposed to lead as to their eating and drinking habits, or as to more and more contaminated objects been used by them for playing. Lead was formerly used in paints, gasoline, water pipes, and many other routine products but after the reports of lead being a deadly particle were out the usage of lead in these products was prohibited by the U.S. government. Some of the major health adversities caused by lead are: reduced brain function, kidney dysfunction and high blood pressure.

3. Radon

It is a radioactive gas which is colourless, odourless and tasteless. It is considered to be a noble gas. Its occurrence is natural in minute quantities in the normal radioactive decay chains through which thorium and uranium slowly can decay into lead. The source that leads to birth of radon in homes is radon gas infiltration from soil into buildings. The building materials, water supply, and natural gas are to be considered the sources of radon into homes. The harmful radon gas in homes is considered to be carcinogenic, which refers to having the potential to cause cancer. According to the recent studies, radon in homes is considered to be the direct cause for increased medical cases of different types of cancer, and majorly is directly associated with lung cancer.

4. Particulate matter (PM)

Particulate matter also known as inhalable particles are the small size particles that are blended into air which causes the air quality index to show poor air quality readings. The particulate matter is different in sizes and has a very harmful effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The main sources to be considered for the Particulate Matter to enter into our houses are: cooking, combustion activities including fireplace, gas heater, kerosene heaters and cigarette smoking. The major health issues associated with particulate matter are: eye, nose and throat irritation, exacerbate respiratory and coronary diseases, premature death amongst the heart and lung disease patients.

5. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

These are emitted as gases from certain harmful solids and liquids. The major sources for VOCs are perfumes, hairsprays, and furniture polish, cleaning solvents, pesticides, glues, adhesives, moth repellents, air fresheners and stored fuels. The major health problems caused by VOCs are: eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea, damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system and in some cases can cause cancer.

Air concept air purifiers a solution!

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